45th coy Girls' Brigade (or God's Business) boasts an enrollment of around 85 girls. The company has weekly meetings every Monday from 2.30PM to 6.45PM. It also has its very own pipe band called Shirim, the one and only all-girls school pipe band in Singapore.

45thGB and Shirim are proudly sponsored by Kampong Kapor Methodist Church (KKMC).

June Camp 2014

Hi everyone! Heralds’15 brings to you a fabulous blog post on June Camp 2014 :]

Held from 23-25 June 2014, the camp theme was “Strength, Courage, Faith”, the theme verse being 1 Corinthians 16:13 - “Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong”. Though this was a training and discipline camp, we did forge closer bonds as a company through the 3 days :)

Day 1 (23 June, Monday)

At 7am, 45th reported at the school foyer for roll call, in our neat full uniforms and shiny bling-bling polished boots. After the Captain’s opening address, we had a time of extremely fun icebreakers, which involved us forming human chains!


And losers were ‘treated’ to the forfeit of “Monkey Gorilla Chimpanzeeee”.

The highlight of day 1 was the outdoor activity! Groups went around to different shopping centres in Orchard on a treasure hunt. At each station, after completing a small task, they would be given materials for them to build a house with. The groups would then compete to build the best house, able to withstand wind and rain.


But first… Let us take a SELFIE! Cygnus clearly enjoying themselves while building their house


A creative house built by cool Cygnus architects 10/10 <3


Aquilla’s house complete with a garden!

Following outdoor activity was outdoor cooking. The groups had an enjoyable time using mess tins to cook their mouthwatering instant noodles with a wide variety of canned food. Of course not to forget the refreshing and juicy slices of watermelon, hand prepared by our fruit ninja: Mrs Lee— YUM!

As the sun set to make way for the moon and stars, groups were blindfolded and led round the school during Spiritual Activity to remind them to be brave. Then, groups had their legs tied together to remind us how we must always support one another during times of adversity because 45th is an ohana, ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind. <3


A group descending the staircase.


Cygnus having a 10-legged walk along the track!

Day 2 (24 June, Tuesday)

Early in the morning, several early birds took the chance to get an extra nap before roll call and morning exercise. #kiasumuch


Zombies on the court? Nope, just exhausted GB sheepies

A FUN amazing race was then conducted in school, as groups raced around to the different stations to play games in hope of garnering points for their group and win fabulous attractive prizes that include chocolates and chips! (Side note: the failed attempts were indeed amusing for the station mistresses)


Groups have fun performing their cheers


In one of the stations, groups had to take a photo with a pigeon (spot the pigeon behind Columba)

Last but definitely not least was the much-anticipated Night Surprise, which was based on the theme of an opera. Groups travelled back in time as they went around to the different rooms to get clues to help them solve the mystery! It was definitely an exciting time for both the actresses and the detectives (:


Yellow Room so STEP <3


After: why is qtCheryl the only one smiling while everyone’s looking emo?

Day 3 (25 June, Wednesday)

On the last day of camp, we mainly did clean-ups to ensure that all the areas we used were sparkling clean *-* Afterwhich, it was the long-awaited dismissal!! After Vespers, 45th (with the exception of batch’15) headed home to get some well-deserved rest.


Batch 15 after June camp! #proudkidz99

June camp was undoubtedly a memorable experience for all, as we learnt so much more about being on our guard, standing firm in the faith, being courageous and being strong! :)

Photo credits to:

Cheryl See

Hannah Tan

Leanne Tan

Priscilla Lee

Rachael Sing

Mr Liew

Awards Ceremony 2014

On 12 April, representatives from 45th headed down to Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School for the annual GB Awards Day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.10.29 PM.png

That’s us!

Upon entering the hall, we were greeted by the sight of a sea of bright saxe blue.

We admired the shiny awards on stage (as well as Ms Sandra’s shiny boots!!) Then, our colours were marched proudly onstage by Leanne and Nadine.

After girls and officers listened to a meaningful message delivered by Brigade Commissioner Mrs Evangeline Chong, 45th’s proud moment came when Ms Sandra marched smartly onstage to receive our company’s 3rd consecutive gold award.

Mrs Lee and Ms Sandra pose for a picture with our company award :)

Good job 45th!!!

Photo credits:

Valerie Lim

Priscilla Lee

Jiang Xiuting

TGIGF 2014

Thank God It’s Good Friday (TGIGF) was held on the 4th of April, Friday at Raffles Girls’ School. Organised by our very own games squad, Phileo, it was a time of fun and fellowship among the participants. Coming together under one roof (or ceiling), the participants were from 2nd coy Boys’ Brigade (Victoria School), 60th coy Boys’ Brigade (Raffles Institution) and 45th coy Girls’ Brigade (Raffles Girls’ School). Also joining us were several members of KKMC Youth.

Registration began at 6pm outside the KS Chee Theatre. At 6.30pm, we commenced a round of self-introductions within our group before playing a game of bingo. We had make our way around asking people from other schools questions such as, “Do you have an Instagram account?”, “Are you an only child?” or our personal favourite, “Do you like chocolate?”

B-I-N-G-O Bingo was his name-o.

Next, we proceeded to the main highlight of the evening, ‘Capture the Egg’! Groups proceeded to the various venues and played the Easter version of Capture the Flag one-on-one.

Group 3’s victorious haul.

After that, we settled back down in the KS Chee for a time of worship and devotion, led by Jemi and Ms Sandra respectively.

At 8pm, everyone proceeded to the canteen for dinner. Dinner was eaten in groups so as to foster interaction between the companies.

After dinner, prizes were given out for the winning groups of ‘Capture the Egg’!

Xin Yi receives the prize on behalf of her group from the head of KKMC Youth! (Hey, what’s Maddy doing there??)

By the time it was 9pm, it was time to call it a day. But of course, we took a group photo first!

TGIGF 2014 was definitely great fun for all participants and we look forward to next year’s being bigger and better!

Photo credit to:

  • Bethanie Lim
  • Ms Ling Shuang Ning

Enrolment 2014

senior’s note: first post by our freshly-minted Y1s, Amanda and Valerie! Good job kids. (:

On 30th March 2014, Enrolment Service was held at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church.

We reported by 8.15 a.m. and the seniors were busy helping the juniors adjust their uniforms, gelling their hair and making sure that they were ready to enter the church looking neat and smart.  

GB enrolment service.jpg

GB enrolment service help.jpg

While waiting for service to start at the back alley, the Year Ones practised their enrolment item with the Levites seniors’ help. Under the guidance of Levites, they had been practising the enrolment item for 3 lessons. The Year Ones were really nervous and fearful about making mistakes. However, they were more confident after practising at the back alley and reading the note that Charis gave them. Below is just an example of one of them.



Shirim was waiting in anticipation for the enrolment service to start.IMG_4485.JPG

Shortly after, we entered the church and there were welcome announcements.


Afterwards, the microphone was handed over to Mrs Lee, where she gave the Girls’ Brigade Report. Before that, we watched a short clip about 2013 45th company.

Next up was SGT Rachael Lim giving her testimony.

The NCOs and Recruits then pledged to do whatever they were supposed to pledge to.

Soon enough, it was time for the Year Ones to perform the enrolment item that they had practiced for the past weeks. However, when the time came for them to shine, they kind of forgot to smile because it was hard to smile and perform at the same time.image

The marching in of the Girls’ Brigade colours.



Of course, we ended off with a company photo as


Oh, and the seniors came back to

Photo credits:

- Huang Minglei’s mother

- Sandra Lau’s mother

- Caroline Chuah

- Alyssa Chia

- Amanda Lai

- Desiree Tay

March Camp 2014

25 Y4s, 3 days, too many Google docs, one company. Also, one quiz. Find out which batch you secretly belong to!

1. After my bento box meal, I…
a. Threw away half my food
b. Picked at the worm-filled vegetables
c. Reached for water to extinguish the fire in my mouth
d. Made sure people didn’t throw away their food
e. Ran off to do things

2. During Night Surprise, I was…
a. Scared
b. Asking intelligent questions and taking down notes attentively
c. Thinking about my batch’s Night Surprise
d. Laughing
e. Masking my laughter with an evil grin

3. I slept…
a. soundly at 11.30
b. after being chased by the teachers
c. after engaging my seniors in H-T-H
d. when the morning nearly dawned
e. in the canteen

4. Amazing Race was…
a. Fun! I enjoyed getting to know my seniors.
b. Embarrassing, I couldn’t bear to do the cheers.
c. Tiring. I was led the wrong way.
d. Nice, I got to sleep for an hour while waiting for Umbreon!
e. Okay, but I missed my squatch

5. My contribution to Spiritual Activity was…
a. Failing to blow balloons
b. Blowing balloons
c. Running around with the water spray
d. Conducting it
e. Taking photos

6. Watching Frozen made me…
a. Feel warm on the inside
b. Join in an impromptu karaoke session
c. Instinctively reach for the popcorn
d. Wrap my jacket tighter around myself
e. Reminisce about Lilo and Stitch

7. After camp, I…
a. Sent seniors Facebook friend requests
b. Freaked out about the drill competition in two days
c. Started panicking about June camp
d. Cried/reflected/celebrated
e. Uploaded photos

If you got mostly As, congratulations! You are a kewt lil year one sheepie!

If you got mostly Bs, congratulations!! You are a still-quite-fresh-but-not-too-fresh year two sheepie!

If you got mostly Cs, congratulations!!! You are a developing year three sheepie!

If you got mostly Ds, congratulations!!!! You are the senior year fours.

If you got mostly Es,

you’re Heralds ‘14.

Who, coincidentally, wrote this semi-nonsensical quiz.

With a large, glowing and glowering moon still looming in the sky, we assembled at GB HQ’s Asia Hall on the morning of the 18th of March. Some shameless, some shy, and still others sleepy-eyed, we engaged in icebreakers and got to know our group members.



Our Outdoor Activity was incorporated into lunch. Given a budget of $40, we were allowed to run around and get whatever food we wanted, so long as the first letter of the next food item we bought was the last letter of the previous food item.

For example, a group could buy an apple pie followed by an egg tarts and then sushi… mmm.


This photo was taken with supermarket shelves being pretty as its reason.

Post-lunch, 45th engaged in PDA – no, not public displays of affection, but purpose-driven activities that were meant to let us learn more about our Theme Verse!


Someone’s exemplifying Piper Power!

As night fell, so did some of the Y4s as they turned into murderers! Well, only one person did, but meh.


The second day opened with a whopping 2 hours of squad time! Whoop-whoop! Over whatever happened during that time (hm…) and lunch, we became more… intimate with the new members of our respective squads (;


Our Year 3 Carrots are finally sprouting! OMG!!!

We also had our annual amazing race.

A very big ‘thank you’ to the chaperones that came down that day to go nuts around Singapore with us! It is worth mentioning here that Judith’s mother got so attached to her group that she ended up taking photos of them at every station. Cue cries of ‘awww’. Awww.



Long and smooth legs courtesy of 3/5 of this article’s writers.

Finally, we watched the Oscar award-winning movie, Frozen, while stuffing ourselves silly with snacks sponsored by our very lovely Ms Sandra! Yay! Wonderful! Amazing! No, really. Although this sounds sarcastic.

The third morning was marked by Pastor Norman’s third session of devotions, where we cemented our learning of the 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer.


During Worship: why does everyone look as if something drastic has happened

Thanks Pastor Norman! (:

Now, as we always say, good things must come to an end; as the camp’s conclusion came around we were assigned the noble task of leaving GB HQ cleaner than before we came.


#swag #younganddangerous
Aaaaaand… photo-taking ensued!


Photo Credits:

  • Selene Ong
  • Winnie Chan

National Drill Competition 2014

The Girls’ Brigade Singapore’s National Drill Competition took place on two Saturdays: the 15th of March for pioneer contingents and the 22nd of March for senior contingents. Held every three years, it is a time for GB companies all over Singapore to showcase their drill standards.

This year, 45thGB sent in 3 contingents: 2 pioneer and 1 senior. After months of sheer hard work and by the grace of God, the senior contingent (batch 16) achieved silver!

On the day itself, each contingent had to report to Nee Soon camp in the afternoon, decked out smartly in their GB uniforms. Prior to the actual showcase, we had to undergo inspection of uniforms. Despite the sweltering heat, our contingents gave it their all in both fancy and impromptu drill, doing our company and school proud.

Batch 14’s fancy drill routine was to Make a Move by Royal Tailor. They performed excellently and executed every movement with precision and sharpness, especially in their slow march!


Batch 15 performed their fancy drill routine to Stand by Britt Nicole. Though they had little time to practise due to a change in routine, they still did outstandingly well.


Last but not least, Batch 16’s fancy drill routine was performed to Running by Hillsong United. Despite being nervous, they executed a run of flawless bangs, impressing the audience.

GB comp

And in case you’re looking for a song to listen to, here are the links to all the three songs used for fancy drill:

Make a Move:


Running (live version):  

All in all, it was a great team effort by all three contingents, even if we might not have emerged top. Good job 45th! (:

Photo Credit to:

  • Charmaine Toh
  • Winnie Chan
  • Evangeline Leong

Farewell Party 2013

It was a joyous and heartwarming occasion on 29th October 2013 as the 45thGB family held Farewell Party 2013 for Batch’13. Organised by Batch’15, it was held at The Unfailing Light at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church with the theme: pink party.

Decorations - take a look at them!




(Almost) all of us were dressed in pink clothes, and the atmosphere was infused with laughter and excitement as we anticipated the grand entrance of batch’13. There were smiles on every face as they made their grand arrival slightly past 2pm.image

After worship time led by Naomi, Pastor Liew gave us a performance of deft magic tricks with help from some volunteers.


Next were the batch performances!

The first performance was put up by Batch’16, where they sang “Let Her Go” together with a lyric video.

Then came Batch’15 who presented their dedication video to Batch’13 followed by their performance where they sang and danced to the pink panther song!


Everyone stood up to join the “train” started by Batch’15!


Afterwards, Batch’14 performed Taylor Swift’s “Crazier” and also very kindly performed a ‘special’ rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”.


Mrs Lee closed the performances with her speech.


A party won’t be complete without food, right? We proceeded to get our share of food, before sitting together in squads for SQUAD TIME!

Countless gifts were exchanged as each squad handed their farewell gifts to Batch’13.

A very cute Desiree with her gift!image

And Arielle with her bear!


Batch’13, our graduating batch :(image

And as always - our company photo :)


Photo credit to:

  • Bethanie Lim
  • Winnie Chan Wen Yi
  • Angeline Loh

Drill Showcase

The girls of 45th were spotted in full regalia early in the morning of October the 26th. What was the reason for their assembly at the RGS netball courts?

Well, if you didn’t know the answer from the title of this post, it was the occasion of our first internal drill showcase! The purpose of the showcase was to raise the discipline of the company as a whole as well as to increase our drill standards in preparation for next year’s National Drill Competition.

The event started off with uniform inspection conducted by our DI, Felly. 


To be honest, it was quite scary to be inspected by her. But it’s just the writer’s opinion.

After which, each of the contingents presented their drill in front of the rest of their watchful company. Be wowed by our drill (though it has room for improvement)!


Sergeant Veronica - who commanded this contingent of Privates - was looking good, as usual.


Oh, did we mention that two of our 2013 Chairs came down too?


The second contingent of Corporals executing foot bangs! Look at all the beautiful almost-ninety-degree bent legs you see there!


Each round of drill was concluded by conspiratorial discussion between our teachers and the two Chairs…


…and was recorded by our videographer of the day, Cuison!

Obviously, our Captain had a lot of fun.


After our displays of drill were over, we were rounded up and debriefed by Mrs Lee, Ms Sandra and - last but not least - Felly!


You could see the wonder and awe in the eyes of some members of Batch 14. Evidently, Felly was a popular senior crush.

With the drill showcase concluded, we headed home (gelled hair and all) tired but happy.


Good job 45th!

Photo Credits:

  • Priscilla Lee Wen Hui
  • Winnie Chan Wen Yi

Handover 2013

12 August. Handover was happy, sad, and heartbreaking all at once. A few of our hearts bled, but were mended by the palpable love felt within the Raffles Room (well, there’s always love, but this time it was especially tangible). Seeing each of our Year Threes and EXCO go up in front of the company, exchanging vows of responsibility and wishes of goodwill in the form of whimsical gifts, it really dawned on us how Batch 14 has finally grown up and is ready to take the lead. Additionally, the whole of Gideon’12 and a certain Ngian crashed the party.


As our venerable Captain could not attend Handover, great pains were made to convey her heartfelt thoughts electronically.


The official process of handing over was started by our Shirim majors!


Looking at our treasurer’s face, something scandalous must have happened. But our memory fails us and we can’t remember what.


Selene: eh the shirt smaller than even you, think it will fit Jessalyn meh…?


…aaand a new bimb-queen of Agape has been born!


Hopefully the difference in heights here are symbolic of the heights Heralds will reach next year!


The pink microphone is a Gideon heirloom, YOU HEAR THAT?



Not only is the Levites’14 head good at leading worship, she sure is one drawer! No, not the one in furniture.


Phileo rounds up the last of the squad head handovers.


2013’s squad leaders, brandishing their battle-flags and lanterns; the latter to cast their light unto men - er wait, GB girls.

This year’s chairpersons, AIA, sitting on chairs! Okay that was quite a bad pun.

Nutthing Without Love making mistakes as they serenade to AIA - after all, even great leaders have their shortcomings.


Why is Nadine the only one posing here?!


45th was once again subject to the bittersweet experience of Handover. But alas, we hope to focus on the sweet part of bittersweet: here’s to a great year ahead with Batch 14 leading the way!

Photo Credits:

  • Desiree Tay

45thGB 15th Anniversary Celebration 2013

45thGB’s 15th Anniversary Celebration took place on the 27th of July at Raffles Girls’ School. To prepare for the momentous occasion, 45th put in much time and effort. A beautiful banner designed by Faith hung in the foyer as proof of our hard work.


Registration began at 4pm. Many alumni once again walked through the doors of RGS, experiencing the warm fellowship of their fellow batchmates, juniors, seniors and of course, teachers.




Shirim, our beloved bagpipe band, even showed off their bagpiping prowess by performing for our guests in front of the hall.


As Dr Gan Su Lin, our guest-of-honour arrived, she was escorted into the hall by our 45th girls together with the accompanying tune, ‘As the Deer’.

This was followed by the marching in of the GB colours, as all of us sang ‘Comrades Are We In The Girls’ Brigade’

The hall was adorned with balloons, pictures of alumni and past GB shirts.




Our captain, Ms Sally Wong gave her speech and the video of Ms Sandy Leow’s heartfelt and touching speech was played.


Worship was then led by Miss Elyssa Tan of Batch’10, followed by Dr Gan’s exhortation.


Trinity’13 also shared about 45th’s journey so far.


It’s dinner time! Everyone tucked into the scrumptious food as they enjoyed the sharing by previous batches and the amazing and heartwarming performances put up by batch’15, batch’16 and the teachers.



And of course, no birthday celebration is complete without cake! All the guests were each given a slice of cake, specially decorated for 45th’s special day!


Afterwards, our 45th ohana spent time just chatting, bonding and having fun.



As all good things come to an end, it was time for all of us to bid adieu. We sang our final hymn, ‘His Love’ before the colours were marched out. We sang our vesper, as per custom, before taking many, many group photos!

All the hard work has definitely paid off after seeing the wide grins on everyone’s faces and all of us clearly enjoyed the celebrations :)